Hands down, by far, one of the most inspiring, insightful books I have ever read.
For those looking to find a simple approach to obtaining peace, this book offer small, practical steps to guide you; it will also provide those familiar with meditation and the journey to peace with more challenging suggestions.
I have read this book twice and each time I gained insight into different areas of myself.
Great book! Easy read!.

Wayne brings an unparalleled background in meditation practice to his offering. From his deep personal experience to studies with Thich Nhat Hanh and others, Wayne brings the practical work of creating peace to a place we can all access- our own meditation cushion.

Helping people live a more rewarding and fulfilling life, creating individual inner peace that ripples out into the world.


Purpose        Aligning your priorities to what is important to you

Balance        Finding balance in your professional and personal life

Peace            Create a greater sense of inner peace


Looking for more of these in your life? I can help you create them through coaching, yoga and meditation.