Fundamentally, all beings want to be happy and be at peace. Yet, the way we go about our lives so very often takes us further away from this experience.

The Dance of Dynamic Peace is a book that offers insight and practical approaches to living a happier and more peaceful life. Peace, just like life, is a dynamic state of being that ebbs and flows as life unfolds. It arises out of our willingness to be fully present with life, whatever happens.

Peace first and foremost begins within. It is not something that we can acquire, but rather it blossoms out of our state of being. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, we can live a life that is founded on a more peaceful existence moment to moment.

As a result, our external world begins to reflect the peace that radiates from within us. There is greater harmony in our home, family and work lives that extends out into our community and around the world.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Interview September 19, 2019