There seems to be a preoccupation in the world with fear based thinking. A predominant theme at the movie theatre is Armageddon and annihilation of the human species. Our news stories focus upon catastrophes, natural disasters or human suffering. It’s not that these stories shouldn’t be told but we tend to have a preoccupation with them. The good news, such as a baby being rescued from a sewer pipe in China this past week is a positive story but still has a negative aspect regarding Chinese culture. Even in our daily lives, there is a lot of focus upon negative news. Work changes, illnesses of family members and friends or dealing with one’s own negativity. When one considers all of the unhappy situations or events on a daily basis it can be overwhelming. Yet, maybe it our view of these stories or the world that is negative.

What we focus our attention on moment-to-moment is how we are creating our world. If we focus upon perceived negativity in the world, that will become our lens. Focusing upon negativity is what creates anxiety, stress and unhappiness. Worry fills our being and we become fear based. I know in my own experience, when I have been focused upon fear and worry my perspective has not been truthful. During these times, I am future focused based upon a fantasy I have made up in my mind. Our worries are almost always larger than reality. The energy we put into thoughts determines what we manifest. If we give something life, we have to see it play out and if we have created it we must journey it to completion. This is why teachers of truth throughout the ages have pointed to creating greater awareness and consciousness. It is so we will create less suffering for ourselves.

We are always at choice in what we focus upon. Creating clarity and awareness in the initial stages of manifesting helps us in generating a life filled with gratitude, joy and love. The seeds of our life are in the thoughts we nurture. Why not nurture positive, supportive and loving thoughts versus negativity? This makes logical sense and yet we do indulge negative thoughts. For those who know me well, worry has always been one of my greatest challenges. As a child, I worried about everything to the point where there were times I couldn’t sleep or eat. Over time and with conscious effort through meditation I have come to worry less and live more in the moment but there still are times when my thoughts get the better of me. My observations of these moments is that the fear of loss or pain is at the heart of worry. I am not living in the here and now. Once again I find myself in fantasies of the future.

By focusing upon the positive aspects of our life optimism will grow. Our lives will be richer and more celebratory. There is so much we can be grateful about in our life. We live in an amazing country where we are educated, have career opportunities, health care, running water and for the most part security in our homes. Food is abundant and we are able to grow our own. We have family and friends in our life who love and cherish us. We are able to travel around our province, country or around the world. We live in a part of the world with relative peace. In a day, there is so much we can be grateful for. By focusing upon the good things in our lives moment-to-moment we can be will create more positivity. What one focuses upon grows.

We are also at choice in seeing what’s good in the world? The world holds such beauty and wonder. A sunrise or sunset can be awe-inspiring. The greenness of a forest or jungle. The cool freshness of a running stream. The raw beauty of a desert. There is such diversity in the world in nature and people. Human beings are so creative and resourceful. We can fly, travel to outer space and journey to the depths of the ocean. We are capable of great love and compassion towards others and ourselves. Perhaps that is one of our greatest gifts is the ability to love. If we can just focus upon love in each in moment, we would be creating greater positivity in the world.

What are the good things in your life? Who are the people who are loving? What can you celebrate in this very moment, even if it is just that you are alive? At the end of each day are you taking time to consider what you are most grateful for today? To consider these things, one has to slow down and take the time to reflect. A conscious choice has to be made to put energy into planting positive seeds. After all, we are the creators of our life moment-to-moment and are responsible for our creations. Choose wisely with each thought. Focus upon those things that bring you joy and are based upon a positive perspective. Be kind, gentle and loving towards yourself and others.